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» Brunello Montalcino
During the all growing season, we support and take care of our vines, exclusively Sangiovese kind, in a traditional manner.
The grapes are thin out manually when green and selected a second time during the cutting season: this work permit us to have, each year, little quantities but high quality.
We observe, even for the alcoholic fermentation, the old and traditional techniques and let the nature take its time.
Our Brunello is aged in middle capacity slavonian oak barrels, no more than tirthy ectolitres. The bottling procedure, with no filters, permits us to sharpen the aged wine in the glass: the sharpening period goes up to eight months before the wine is put on the market. So, we obtain a traditional, aromatic and smelfull wine, which was defined "old school, plumy and chocolate cherry character" at the London International Wine Challenge, where our "Brunello di Montalcino" harvested in 2000 was silver medal decorated.

» Rosso Montalcino
Our vines are all registered in the Brunello di Montalcino roll: so, every harvest, potentially, is all a Brunello one.
Nevertheless, each year we decide to set aside a part of the production to Rosso di Montalcino wine, to diversify our products and take a role in both markets.
The main difference between these kinds of wine is solely the lasting of the ageing period, not the fermentation, nor the barrel material, nor the bottling procedure, which is still not filtered.
The Rosso wine is aged almost one year in the same oak barrels than the Brunello.

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