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During the centuries the architectural shape of Poggiarellino changed visibly.

The main building comes from a late medieval castle, probably estabilished as a defensive structure for the area near around. When the last rebuilding was ultimated, in 1896, Poggiarellino appeared as a villa with a neo-Gothic dependence and a shadowy garden.

Nowadays the rural buildings which surrounds the main one, where in the past times lived metayer families, are dedicated to our guests.

We can offer a relaxing, quiet and peaceful vacation to spend in four completely restructured and comfortable apartments, furnished with original old tuscan country furniture, wisely restored. We can accomodate no more than twelve guests at the same time.

Our guests can also enjoy our wide and shadowy garden to paint, read or just rest. On the opposite side of the garden, just in front of the apartments, we also have a panoramical room where the guests can meet, spend their time together or taste our wines.

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