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Poggiarellino Farm is located in a pleasant and peaceful corner of the Senese countryside, among the old and famous Val d’Orcia’s hills.

The farm extension amounts nearly to thirty acres: three of them are dedicated to Brunello vineyards, the others are shared out between a small wood, olive trees and a portion fit for seed.

Our farm comes out from the old tuscan rural tradition and till the end of nineteen century had a differentiated agricultural production aimed to ensure the subsistence of the owners and farmers who lived here during the centuries.

The main activities carried out in our farm were the breeding and the wine, cereal and forage production; beside these, and due to the centuried mulberry plantation already standing around the fields, we know that they practiced even the silkworm breeding and the flax and hemp growing.

Then, during the past twentieth century, the agricultural techniques changed deeply.

The intensive method of cultivation prevailed, due to the market request, and the farm was entirely dedicated to the growing of genuine, high standard, selected products.
Nowadays our wines, the Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino are the last and clear expression of this new rural philosophy.

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